Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Website!!!

Monday, April 05, 2004

The Curling Eyebrow

Well, imagestation is bust up as many of you will know already. This means I am not even going to bother with pics, though there have been many good ones...

This moment in time is the lull before the storm. i am waiting for a cab. Indeed many of you will not see the significance because you will know my life is spent either driving or in a cab. But this cab will take me to the bus stop. GASP! No, the bus stop in itself is not important but rather the bus I am waiting for, the airport bus!! Me's a going mission trip babay!!!!! Cebu, Philippines is waiting, so pray for me to be of good use, be protected etc yea? cool.

It's interesting how i have never been able to go on 'holiday' since i started work yet I have been able to afford trips to Australia and the Philippines. Both of them beautiful places and i've only been working a little over a year! If it's God's will then He will make a way. Saying that I really feel like I need to go on retreat, by myself whither be it in HK or abroad I don't know. But the time is right.

Anyway cab here, me not! bless all!

Check out your bible, God wants to tell you something.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Well it's been a while eh? That is down to many things, but the main one being I simply don't have all that much time at home to update, especially when it comes to pics!

Anyway, I recently finished a 'detox' which was 2 weeks with nothing but water, some veg, no carb, no sugar, no fruit and meat. The first 48 hours were a nightmare, when you fast it is ok because you are not digesting but when you are digesting you have no high-energy foods in you then you really suffer. But after about a week it became great, my diet is very disciplined now and I feel fantastic! It makes a big difference! The reason I did it was because I felt very bloated and rather down about the food I was eating. But now I am really feeling good, I eat some carbs now, fruit is back in as well as a little more caffeine and meat is down more now but overall this has been an excellent boost in self-control as well as the way I feel, RECOMMENDED, there, that's my stamp of approval, though if you want to do it I recommend you visit Cliff's blog and talk to him...

The Vine is starting a month of fasting and prayer and boy am I excited! All this fasting will mean I can go to the rugby 7's on the money I save from not eating!!! You see not only am I on big budgeting scheme right now but also I am saving up cash for mission trip to Cebu, Phillippines in April. This means $200 a day, now for some that seems a lot BUT I spend $110 on transport alone!!! Anyway God is really stretching my finances so life is good.

My new year's resolution was to get so much closer to God than I had ever been. Now I know it sounds kinda lame cos for most people it's a given that as we live we get closer to God as long as we maintain a certain lifestyle. But I see people in the Bible, I hear of people and then I see peole in real life and I want to be like them! I don't gauge my relationship with God on other people but they can really inspire you. I spend about a month on 1 Samuel 16 (or is it 15?) where the Lord tells Samuel to go to Bethlehem and to anoint the one that He tells him to. Now in this verse we see some young shepherd whose heart is after God's come into the picture. God picks David because of his heart to be king over all of Israel, from shepherd-dude to king in one easy step. So I see this heart, how pure it is and how much it beat for God and I think 'I want that heart!' I want to be so close to God so that I may be considered a friend like Enoch was and Adam who both walked with God.
Then I see what God did with a man like David who sought after Him, David was the greatest king Israel had AND was the ancestor of Jesus. I feel like I am doing some right things but I really want to be used by God in ways that will bring about some good. I figure for someone who has been brought back from a horrible place and given a new life with God, whose selfish-ambitions are replaced by wanting to do anything they can for God, I do not seem to leave lasting marks. When you invest financially most likely you invest solely for financial gain but when you invest into people you help build the kingdom of God, you start storing treasure in heaven. I guess I just don't feel like I do enough of that. So I am mulling over all of this withoug a solid conclusion as to my POA.

Before I goes I shall leave you people with some pictures, some current and others not so current!

Spot Donald...


Vine Picanic

Fireworks from Joshua's place...

Teet Bahn

Some guys like it hot!

Talking about hot...

Valentine's is in the air!

If I'm feeling lonely I look at this picture and smile...

Tom Read: failed acrobat

Hilarity at work...

It got a wee bit cold at work...

Just call him 'Hot Potato!'

Old and new...

Youth Alive!:rained out. Even the hawkers stayed away...

Some people love to display their wet-weather-wear...

Rain, rain, go away!

Where do I start...

The 'Still' drummer

Spot the difference...

Oh yeah...

Classic Mandy...

So scared...

Peas in a pod...


Duty calls...

SUKI!!! In uniform...


I'll miss Miss Ong

One of my favourites...

Worship @ the Fringe Studio (courtesy of one_eighty )

I had a beard once...

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

A Picture Diary

Before anything I will admit that this post will be filled with tonnes of pictures, a lot of them low-res but still, I wanna share wiv u guys! so forgive me, it takes time to upload so many tho!!

Went back to work and boy does it hurt. I will admit to being quite highly stressed about it all. My problem is that I am in a job that I don't enjoy fully nor feel eqiupped for as well as being annoyed by work politics. Sounds like every job? I feel it is a testing time and character is there to be built but I just don't have the desire for this battle. Yes be excellent in all I do but my job is harder to see as being for God when so many people stand in between. Thank you God for my job and lead me on, not only in life but what I should pray for.

What I have enjoyed most about the last year: The enormous change that happened in me from my post-uni slump to God really speaking to me and using me.

What I have enjoyed the most about the festive season: Unity in family. Even though it was a fairly quiet Christmas it was a genuine effort and triumph. It was awesome to be as a family (bar papa) @ the Vine on Christmas day.

What I am most excited about in the long term: THE VINE!! We have two senior pastors and I feel God is going to release some mega anointing. In 1 Samuel 15 Samuel anoints David and he walked in power from that day forth. I feel that is what is happening with the pastors and that is huge for the church! ALSO my future! It's all in God's hands with my utmost trust and gratitude, I have exciting times ahead! (not an arrogant thing but an awesome God thing)

What I am most excited about in the short term: CNY HOLIDAYS! Still things to do and people to see but I feel I am more prepared to fully utilize this break... and CIRCUIT BABEE!!!!!

Words of wisdom? Cereal first then add milk, Dan has a car in HK and plans to use it so be careful and Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace!

So anyways tonnes (British has both ton and tonne) has happened, new years, Christmas, ppl coming ppl going, Chinese new year coming up but it is all a bit boring to recite so these pictures will tell all:

Christmas eve

IFC Christmas thingy

Ann and her antlers... don't ask!

My crazee sister Rachel

Carollers at The Peninsula where we ate our Christmas luncheon

Present time

Christmas from where I sit

A meaningful relationship

Family pic

My Dad... post heart-op!!

Carlos was here with his band Still! but no 'Fall On Me' grr!!!

Linnet, Ann and I pose...

Dan and chopsticks: they're here to stay

Old friend Lily

Lily shocks Dave and a restaurant of people

He's still got the attitude

Amy Kwan satisfied with her armful of a choice

Paint-removal at Crossroads: Bob skates on acid! As in there is acid on the floor...

Fun angle Yum Cha

Nic picks the table with all the ladees

The car getting a spanking new sound system

Driving to the airport at dusk

The Commissioning

Art at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Shatin

Mirror fun at the HKHM (Warning: low-res)

Ann, Linnet, Mandy, CeCe and I as Chinese Opera stars...