Wednesday, October 29, 2003

So I should've left my house a while ago but I am waiting for video stuff which is making me ultra late for my surgery. I have a wisdom tooth impacting on an (anterior?) molar which is causing decay. Because of this impacted growth the root of my wisdom tooth is curved and dangerously near my nerve. So they have to do complicated things of which I may one day illustrate online for you but for now pray I don't lose my sense of touch in my right cheek and lower lip and my taste! But God is good and it has not worried me too much, I just want to make sure I am not complacent going into surgery without being covered in prayer! So pray y'all! Tee hee... I said "y'all" online!

Over the weekend was the Rockit Festival which was a good mix of music, sun and a ridiculous Leslie Loh (a female artist who didn't want to stop *ever* and even tried to get the crowd to respond to the news that she wasn't allowed to play the electric violin, but they didn't... hilarious...). I liked the idea of a festival in Hong Kong, of course it had a different feel from other festivals, but it could work if they did another next year. Check out funky Jap indie rockers... Buddhistson

*Landmark* - I walked down from the Peak into civilisation at 2am on Saturday and boy am i not gonna do that again!

Friday, October 24, 2003

So i've gone official! BUT this does not mean you can pound on me for lazy updates and for stealing other people's pictures (for now... ah who am i kidding)!

This week has been the most boring, numbing week of all, every day (bar monday) I have been home by 6 working on a video with crappy iMovie... It has taken a looong time and the result is not exactly what I want... problem is I don't have time to change it or make it better... So when you see a Hillsong video and think "huh?" you will now it is me (so no pointing and laughing ya hear?).

You can forgive my site so far, I will trim pics, mess around with this template a leetle more and put decent links on (yes yours) then it might resemble a blog. I still get an icky feeling when I say Anyway this is for you people who have suffered my extreme complacency in the eye of a long overdue email...

BONUS!!! Vinny in action!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Well, I have not officially succumbed to blogging, I simply wanted to see the other side of it. Funnily enough I do this sort of stuff when I should be working.

Anyway, in case I do publish this I will save myself time by saying 'stuff'. I guess I see this as an alternative to email becos I am simply horrendous at corresponding and this way many ppl can see me without having to hassle me to reply... not that I don't deserve it... I was/am so bad that I got one email and this is all it said:

Please tick as approprate:

a) too busy

b) too lazy

c) in a mood

d) 'Faith who?'

e) all of the above.

f) other. (please specify) ..........................................................................................................

PS. ;)

and that was at the beginning of September and it's the end of October and well, yea I need to improve, no wait! I need to blog! Problem is I can't put my own pics up coz my cam/phone got stolen and I am just about getting round to replacing it (by that I mean anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on Sony Ericsson!!!#@#@!$@).

So anyway that's me for now... bless