Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Well first things first... I FINALLY have my phone! It is great to be organized again as well as take pictures! i iwll warn you that as my phone is a do-it-all device it means the camera quality is not top by any means but rather quite simple so I apologise in advance for that...

Apart from that I had some friends from Hawaii in for the weekend which was awesome! These are people who have really invested in me through my whole life and even though it was just for a weekend I was blessed. First up is a group pictures of my family and the guys together in Starbucks (babee!).

And then this is Jodi who made me walk around Mong Kok on a Sunday(!) just to look for pink shoes... So much walking that Vinny had to pray for my knee at work the next day!

Also on Saturday I had new student interviews from 8-5 so I am really missing a sleep-in and actually considering getting a bit more sleep soon... But this is a picture of the students getting taught a quick lesson by a Chinese colleague (colleague not pictured). 'Cute little terrors' I think is the phrase...

Sorry for both the delay in blogging and the lack of any info this time round but I just wanted to make up for the lack of original pictures on this site... Oh and if you haven't found out by now the Vinny link is to a clip of him doing morning exercise today for the kiddies... but which doesn't seem to work...hmm, if you really wanna see it ask me for it!
I'll leave you with a shot of the sunset on Monday from where I was sat marking books. Bless.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


This week has been quite odd. I took time off of work (or was rather told to, but just Tuesday and Wednesday) because I couldn't really teach without moving and speaking! Stress would hurt my mouth and work stresses! But it was really frustrating trying to relax at home, I just wanted to get out and do stuff! So needless to say I went out on Tuesday night and enjoyed the hospitality of the Peak - The Marche restaurant gives half price after 10pm but it was for the view that Ebullim, Amy and I went. Then Wednesday there was an arranged power cut from 10am til 4pm so i was off again. The way i look at it is that I wouldn't be resting at home just pulling my hair out in a sweat (power cut...) so it's not that 'immoral' to be off of work yet not at home.

My Pappy is outta town so I've got his car again and I decided to take some old Britrock CD's down and it has really taken me back. It's weird how music does that for you, likes smells, it can transport you back to another time in your life/memory vividly. In this case I ended up listening to Catatonia which made me a 14/15 year old stumbling away from God. I am so thankful for the places God has saved me from. Back then I was leaving God and now I am so glad to be waaay on the other side of those lost years. Just interesting how these things come back...

Anyway here are some pictures from work, a school picnic, with my class - 2A

Vinny's class (and my old class)

Halloween, yup that's me under there and in pain for both my ego and tooth!

Vinny got away without wearing too much... but big respect for the amount of work Vinny put in, he looks exhausted and so he should be!

Take care and bless...

Wednesday, November 05, 2003


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That was Derek hacking into my blog! Meant to be helping put the tagboard up to the top but I guess some people can't see the tagboard anymore... So I will try and change that until then I will leave you with apparently who I am in the Matrix - thanks Koryl for the link... Love y'all...

You are The Twins-
You are The Twins, from "The Matrix."
Bad, but with a sexy streak- surprisingly
refreshing. You know what you want, when you
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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Well it has been a painful week and tomorrow I plan to stay at home, no work, no nuffin! So I will be ultra bored! Anyway if you can think of any fun ways to amuse myself let me know...

Over the weekend was Passionate For Our City with Ned Davies, Nigel Hendroff and Peter [insert surname here] from Hillsongs as well as Youth on Fire which was all of HK english speaking youth groups (plus one_eighty) coming together for worship (again with Ned and co.). I love these things yet couldn't really enjoy as much of it as i wanted to because of tooth (or lack of tooth) pain. Eventually I gave up and jumped away in worship and I guess i am paying the price now.

What I have learned this week are the odd things that give me stress. Because I have stitches in my mouth I need to keep quite inactive, no exercise or stress. But even talking to some people gives me pain through stress! I guess I found out what I subconsciously feel when I am talking with them! Found it funny and frutrating when my phone reception ran out during a call wiv Derek I got quite frustrated as it was painful to talk and then the frustration got my blood pumping which hurt even more! So I had to really try not to get annoyed... which annoyed me!!

Here is a pic of the tooth, you will see the curved root which is very close to the sensory nerve (forgot to draw the nerve) and also the decay caused by the impact. The gum was sliced and the tooth was split into two pieces and coaxed out nicely so that there wasn't any nerve damage and so now I still have feeling! But boy do I have feeling!

I'll post a picture of what the tooth looked like after when I get a camera round... or my new phone which I am starting to feel should be out soon, check it out. Oh and thanks for all your prayers!

*Landmark* - About to go home Friday night only to realise that it was Saturday morning... and that they weren't psychos in Victoria Park but OAP's doing their morning exercise! Interestingly if you want some light-hearted relief go on down to VP at 5 am and see the crazee routines they go through!