Monday, April 05, 2004

The Curling Eyebrow

Well, imagestation is bust up as many of you will know already. This means I am not even going to bother with pics, though there have been many good ones...

This moment in time is the lull before the storm. i am waiting for a cab. Indeed many of you will not see the significance because you will know my life is spent either driving or in a cab. But this cab will take me to the bus stop. GASP! No, the bus stop in itself is not important but rather the bus I am waiting for, the airport bus!! Me's a going mission trip babay!!!!! Cebu, Philippines is waiting, so pray for me to be of good use, be protected etc yea? cool.

It's interesting how i have never been able to go on 'holiday' since i started work yet I have been able to afford trips to Australia and the Philippines. Both of them beautiful places and i've only been working a little over a year! If it's God's will then He will make a way. Saying that I really feel like I need to go on retreat, by myself whither be it in HK or abroad I don't know. But the time is right.

Anyway cab here, me not! bless all!

Check out your bible, God wants to tell you something.